visual basic vs python: Python vs VBA: Which One is Better? Key Differences & Speed


A computer is a detailed plan or procedure for solving a problem with a computer. More specifically, it is an unambiguous, ordered sequence of instructions necessary to achieve a solution. Many companies use Visual Basic or VB in its latest version for their development projects.


As VB now runs on the .NET environment it is considered to be very fast. VB’s successor VB.NET and the Python language are compiled into byte-code first. But the byte-code generated for the Python program is then further interpreted, so every byte-code instruction is re-evaluated whenever it is executed. Now, let’s check into the reason why some developers prefer or choose Python?

Click on an extension tile above to read the description and reviews to decide which extension is best for you. Using either method, Notebook Editor or a Python file, you can also connect to a remote Jupyter server for running the code. Opening a notebook as a Python file allows you to use all of VS Code’s debugging capabilities. You can then save the notebook file and open it again as a notebook in the Notebook Editor, Jupyter, or even upload it to a service like Azure Notebooks. Packages are installed using the Terminal panel and commands like pip install and pip3 install (macOS/Linux).

Python VS C++: Let’s Compare

Visual Basic or VB is an easy to use programming language designed for beginners. It allows you to easily develop GUI window applications which are used to create windows and dialogue boxes for display on a Windows system. VB is a high-level programming language used for building general-purpose applications using Visual Studio and the .NET Framework. VBA and Python are both excellent programming languages and wonderful resources for data analysis, but they serve distinct reasons. If you are into programming and machine learning, you may have come across to use of VBA and Python programming languages.

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More importantly, programming languages evolve to solve real world problems. Therefore, the evolution of programming languages and the birth of new ones are either driven by industry, commercial or academic needs. The world of computer programming is more or less like soccer with each programming language having supporters that are very vocal about the merits of the language that they are using. In this article, I will talk about programming languages in general before focusing on Python and VBA. Visual Basic Applications is a specialized implementation of the Visual Basic language that is designed to be used within existing applications. Therefore, using Python for mobile app development can hugely benefit as its code can be translated for faster development.

Don’t Select Specific Worksheets Unless Necessary

If your organization involves simple calculations and small amounts of data, you are better off with Excel. Python is more efficient in handling automated tasks, handling data pipelines, and performing complex calculations. It also comes with tons of pre-installed libraries and manipulation tools, making it ideal for a developer who wishes to start a project from scratch. Python requires more knowledge of programming fundamentals such as data types, indentation, classes, functions, etc.

  • Before I knew it, I was writing analyzed data to new sheets, and all the analysis could be done time-efficiently.
  • The most challenging task is choosing the most appropriate programming language for you.
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  • Data scientists have a preference for Python over Excel due to its ability to handle large data sets, as well as incorporate modeling and machine learning.

Hence, in terms of speed, both Python and VBA are fast when they are used for their intended purposes. Sign up to receive exclusive content and analysis from the SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure community, as well as the latest conference updates and offers. That being said, the difference in speed between C# and Python can vary widely depending on the specific task you are trying to perform and the hardware you are using. That being said, the difference in performance between C# and Python can vary widely depending on the specific task you are trying to perform and the hardware you are using. Python is an open source tool with25KGitHub stars and10.3KGitHub forks.

For instance, you can integrate Python with SQL syntax to extract data and table it to Python’s environment. The Python environment also automates tasks such as writing analyzed data to CSV functions or Excel for data analysis. On the other hand, the Python programming language offers a lot of benefits compared to Excel.

In some cases, Python may be faster than C#, especially when the program is heavily reliant on dynamic features or requires a lot of memory management. In other cases, C# may be faster, especially when the program is heavily reliant on mathematical operations or low-level system calls. C# is a good choice if you want apps with solid GUIs for the Windows platform and don’t need a lot of calculation or high-quality scientific charting.


As the structure of Python code is based on conventions many developers are not following them and so it is difficult to follow/extract the design of not trivial application from the code. Most people don’t learn conventions first, they just start programming. Unless you work for someone who insists you follow the conventions, you will probably go with what you like. The career opportunities for Python and Visual Basic vary based on the preference people have for both of these languages. The number of Python programmers around the world are growing rapidly. Python continues to attract new users because it can be used to develop small applications to scale well to permit the development of large programs.

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visual basic vs python software developers don’t responsible for the back-end part, or even graphic design. Of course, the back-end part should be done by a back-end developer. You’ll have a mockup for the application that you need to follow. I don’t understand all programming concepts and I’m studying all languages at the same time, so I’m heavy loaded. Since Python is a dynamically typed language, you don’t have to learn about data types if you start using Python as your first language. Data types being one of the most important concepts in programming.

Can Python replace VBA?

VBA is really different from Excel, and the two interact via a COM interface. As a result, the win32com library may be used to access Excel from Python. Because anybody can design and develop a Python library, the possibilities are virtually limitless. Python has an advantage over VBA since it is an open-source language.

7 Must-Have Python Tools for ML Devs and Data Scientists – The New Stack

7 Must-Have Python Tools for ML Devs and Data Scientists.

Posted: Mon, 20 Feb 2023 08:00:00 GMT [source]

The biggest difference in the discussion of Python vs C++ is that the C++ source code needs to become machine code. However, the interpretation of code is usually slower than running code directly on the hardware. And if this is an application you distribute to users, they would need Python installed as well. However, if you’re just getting started with programming or need something that’s quick to learn and use without having to learn complex concepts, then VBA might be a better choice.

Javascript will be used for both our frontend and backend on the web service. JavaScript is ubiquitous as the language to use for the frontend. For the backend, we decided to create our server using JavaScript because of its easy setup; using Express we can create a server in just a few short lines of code. It is simple not only to run the server locally, but to host it as well because any major service will support the language.

When you click the button, the macro will repeat the same inputs by the user. As such, macros made using this method are hard to use with smart processes and variables. It is effortless to understand and doesn’t require an in-depth knowledge of VBA. Python has libraries to control Excel and manipulate worksheet data, but it requires more setup and is not as straightforward to use compared to VBA. This is where VBA will be more useful in accessing such restricted files compared to Python. For businesses that use the Microsoft suite, there might be situations where only Excel can be used to access data for data security purposes.

  • Visual Basic Trainingwill provide you with in-depth knowledge of areas of VB and makes it easy to visualize what needs to be done.
  • Hence, the reason why Python is slower is that it is an interpreted language.
  • They are not designed to be human readable but are machine readable.
  • However, Python is simpler to master than Excel, which has its own customized language, VBA, which is difficult to grasp and execute.
  • There will be no exciting new functionalities or capabilities released in this language.

Despite its many benefits, Python is still not as popular as Excel. However, it is your best bet if your organization involves enormous amounts of data transfer and complex calculations. It is ideal if the organization requires automation to get results within a short period.


The answer will completely depend on the goal you want to achieve. C# is an excellent programming language for creating graphical user interfaces for the Windows platform. Python, on the other hand, excels in computational problems . Together with web development using frameworks like Django and Flask, Python is frequently used for data science and machine learning. Many built-in classes and functions for typical programming tasks are available in the C# standard library.

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